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What sellers need to know about marketing your property?


Smart strategy is required for selling property at the best price.  Majority of the sellers searches reliable and trust worthy real estate agent to sell their property otherwise you could be stuck with wrong agents for weeks. So right real estate is the must.  Here are the some tips that sellers need to know about marketing your property.

Before you start making any offer, first think about If you are buying a property, what important would consider?  It is should be on market place. Isn’t?  Second, there are many real estate agents who ask their clients to accept the offer with an incomplete chain.  In this case,  seller has to find reliable agent who is very keen to offer good terms to get  property on their books . So amount you get after selling your property depends on the type of real estate agent who are choosing to sell your property.

1. About Real Estate Agent: 

It is good if you find an agent who had recently sold a property in your neighbourhood because they might have long list of people who were not able to get that property and are ready to buy according to your point of view.  You can consider it as a plus point for selling your property and there is no need to put to extra efforts for marketing or promotion about your property.   The best real agent is the one who put many boards “ For sale” about your property.  But don’t be overexcited he might be selling your property at zero commission which is not good for you.

2. About Agency Agreement:

This agreement is usually of eight to 12  weeks.  During this agreement, seller cannot switch from one real estate agent to another or cannot instruct additional agents.  He has pay extra commission in case if he does.  This is about single agency agreement whereas in multi agency agreement, there are no boundations as you are not tied to one agent.  You may contact multiple agents and choose whoever who want.

Make your property available for seeing and presentable. If you are busy and couldn’t come to show your property by yourself. You may give extra key to your agent and call him when he visits your property. It may increase the chance of selling your property at good price. At the time of sale,  a good agent communicates with you, your buyer , the solicitors and other agents in the chain at the regular interval of hours and give details about each and every thing happened during the whole selling process.

How to negotiate on asking price and fees by a real estate agent: 

Before selling your property or looking for an agent. First get an idea about the worth of your property before approaching the real agent.  Reach minimum of three estate agents to appraise your property.  If there is difference of asking price on selling your property by agents then ask that he has special buyer who will provide high price. In case no, then don’t afraid to negotiate.  Don’t tell how much you want for your property or what other agents are giving, firstly let him to complete his appraisal and presentation.

Once the sale is done or buyer’s survey has been booked, that particular property should be withdrawn from the market means it is no longer available for sale. All these marketing strategies described above will help you  to sell your property with high commission  by putting less efforts .

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