Weekend Whammy: Review on Devil May Cry 5 & the division

Devil May Cry 5 & the division

Have you wondered about weekend whooshing is going  a bit fast ? If yes then yes it is . It is disappearing than a normal or social human being. A Diablo style game with different things such as hacking, slashing or looting is previewed first and some of the initial impressions of mine is damn good. Trust me.

The review for which I have been working for is the highlight of the past few weeks. I have spent a lot of time destroying fingers and also on my controllers on Devil May Cry 3. You can also say that I become a loyal fan of that particular franchise.  I really enjoyed DmC ( Devil May Cry Reboot). As the wait is for the 10 years which is finishing now. At the beginning to the end, the story is a riot and I must say Dante remains awesome as always. Well, you don’t have to read my review on Devil May Cry 5 as it is highly recommended. Go and try now.

I am so much amazed with the Division 2 . Yeah at the same time, It is not perfect as there are some sort of issue with Logitech which I personally discovered which makes this game unplayable.  If I try to play it with my Logitech G560 speakers.  But keeping that stupid factor aside it is very smooth to play. I am loving it.  I have spent six hours into the game and this game has put great impressions on me.

There are  some review code for Wizards : Enhanced Edition on PSVR also and I will love to try this one also in future.  In last few days, I got an email for reviewing the latest Halo novel and I said yes because of stupidity.  As this book is not easy for people who aren’t well versed in the expanded Halo verse.  But I personally enjoy this book .

You have seen at various places as it vent viral . It is basically a short movie of seventeen minute about a guy who love to spend an entire week in virtual reality.  It is considered as a fascinating video.  Everything is virtual for him.  During his VR meditation circle, he loves to watch movies with people around the world and make conversation with the people who are also in VR. So try this one, you will definitely love it.

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