The next novel you read may be in Facebook Messenger


As there are many people who don’t like reading books or novels. For example, if there are ten people then only two out of ten would love to read books or novels. As studies say fifteen percent of men and twenty-two percent of women read happily or you can say for the pleasure. So social media and smartphone app companies find a solution for them. As it is very strange to read a book on Facebook messenger, snapchat or any other chat fiction. As all these initiative is making their way against the boundaries of the book cover.

Every one knows about one of the most commercially successful authors – “ James Patterson”. He and his team approached Facebook to adapt its upcoming novel on its messenger. Now you can find on messenger by searching “ The Chef James Patterson” on the messenger app.

App pre-existing design parameters are used by the messenger app to create every page of the Patterson novel. As a normal book or novel require page turning to change the page but in Facebook messenger, the user has to press knife emoji to unfurl. Both mobile text and printed edition are the same in this novel. The printed edition of this novel will invent in February 2019. To avoid conflict, only the most active and important passages are included in the messenger app. It has plenty of multimedia features to compensate.

Yes, it is more experiment than a business model as the project marks the social platform into fiction. One of the most interesting things is that the story doesn’t contain any ads or promotional deals. So no real revenue is created. On Monday at the press conference, the design team was talking about how they make improvement in the next book before the first one is yet to launch. As we all know Facebook messenger is launched in 2015. These original works are the part of the digital part where the company gives it another name “ chat fiction” where stories are written in the form of text messages that appear on the screen.

There is one startup known as husband-wife startup invented by the startup duo – Parag Chordia and Prerna Gupta. They went through all the iterations before launching their novel. The couple had high hopes for image-driven media but they failed to achieve success. So Facebook messenger is useful for someone and at the time it is a drawback for some people.

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