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Role of Protein Drinks in Maximizing Exercise Effect

Role of Protein Drinks in Maximizing Exercise Effect

We compare protein drinks with other carbohydrate drinks then they help in building your muscles more stronger research by several studies. Not only this, if we do aerobic activities with consuming protein drinks in comparison to carbohydrate beverages then it will increase your training effect after six weeks. It is also stated that you can able to see the effect by consuming only 20 gram of protein.

As we all know both exercise and great diet help in slowing down the aging process. There are several mechanisms on both nutrition and exercise work so that we can take better advantage in slowing the aging process.

Let’s take an example if we choose 2 individuals of age 37 older and ask them to exercise on treadmills for just 45 minutes per week (3 times). We give one individual protein drink and another individual carbohydrate drink following each exercise session. After six weeks we will observe the generation of new muscle structure to the individual we are providing a protein drink and we can measure metabolic pathways with the use of heavy water labeling.

Once both individuals drink heavy water then it becomes incorporated into numerous synthetic processes with the help which we can measure the rate at which it generates different muscle component. Not only this, you can take the use of ultra-sensitive mass spectrometry method to measure how much new muscle and its component pieces are established. And new proteins, DNA and membranes were observed and measured.  It also defines the positive changes in skeletal muscle structure with endurance exercise.

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Protein plays a vital component for both muscle repair and growth. This is the main reason why most of the people drink in the form of shakes while working out. Actually, it also depends, there are some people who believe to drink a protein shake before a workout or rest is the opposite. It is earlier suggested that protein had to be consumed before 30 minutes of exercise but recently it is considered the wrong step as research by several researchers.

Not with a protein shake, you can also meet your protein target by other sources also such as animal or plant-based foods which contain protein will help in meeting your daily protein needs. Not only this, you can eat meat, poultry, and fish as they are highly rich in proteins. You can also try nuts, beans, legumes, and soy at the same time.

It is also advised that we cannot replace meals with protein. It is better to eat them between meals and most people prefers to eat protein around their workouts.

At last, it is also said that there are no health risks if we consume protein shakes while following our high- protein diet.

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