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Purchasing Investment Properties at a Real Estate Auction


You can say purchasing a house at auction might be a fast process where competitive bidding is made by the buyers to buy undervalued properties.  The auction can be done by following two methods – online auction and offline auction.  If you don’t have much finance to buy a house then you can contact several loan provider companies where you can get hard money as a loan with competitive rates for prime borrowers.

Check out top six steps on how to purchase investment properties at a real estate auction:

1. About Real Estate Auctions and how it is done:

It provides various types of properties at a different price such as single family homes, multi-family homes, commercial properties, etc. includes foreclosures, short-sales and non-distressed REOs. It will always start with minimum price and competitive bidders are allowed to bid up to the price of the property. At last, the auction will close and the property will be awarded to the winning bidder.

2. Investment Parameters:

Setting your investment parameter plays a vital to win the auction. You have to make sure what your constraints are whenever you are looking for a house to buy. As these investment parameters limit your investment search to more specific opportunities.  You should consider the following criteria for investment parameters: Investment Objective and Timeline,  Real Estate Auctions Financing Options, maximum budget, properties characteristics, etc.

3. Real Estate Auction Registration:

You can find live auction listing on different auction websites through real estate agents industry professionals. It includes the type of property, size, bid price, registration requirements, date and day of the auction, etc. Check out the four ways where you can find real estate auction listing:  Industry professionals, country courthouse, real estate classifieds, etc.

4. Real Estate Auction Financing:

There is various money lenders provider who provides pre-qualify loan for bidding at the auction. These money lenders are of three types – short term investors, conforming and non-conforming mortgages for both short terms as well as long term investors. You can also say that all cash is the preferred type of financing in real estate auctions as these auctions are fast so maximum flexibility is required.

5. Participation in the auction:

The bidding process is the same in both live as well as online auctions. Once you are ready with your investment parameters there should be a chance that you can win that auction. As the auction starts, the person who conducts auction shares some information regarding the property then competitors will start bidding with a numbered paddle.

6. Winning the Auction :

If you strictly followed your parameters then there would be a chance that you might win the property. A specific process is required to conduct both virtual as well as a live auction. Here are the steps: First you have to win the house at the auction, then pay money within the allocated time i.e. 24 hours, If you are not financially stable then you can take the preapproved loan and last, use a title company and close on the property which is the same process as buying a normal house.

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