ICT Market Place Opens for Business


Do you know what is ICT market place? If no, then you have landed on the right platform.  It is a market place where ICT providers meet buyer’s requests and needs. It reduces the costs and the time of procurement, provide security for agencies and suppliers and supports open and digital government and  the government ICT strategy.  Now it is open for business with suppliers and all invited to register on its website. It is one of the government’s new digital procurement channel.   There are various channels but the first digital procurement channel is public cloud services i.e. (SAAS)  in which business intelligence, collaborative working, creative design and publishing, marketing etc.  How government buys ICT and how they lower  the barriers for suppliers, all these questions are simplified by government to provide us with services.  Because of this it will be easier for suppliers whether it is big or small to do business with government.

Access to market place is available for everyone by default. Everyone can register it.  This means all the available products  and services can be viewed by you.  Staff of each designated agency can easily view all the products and services and the associated terms and conditions of supply and can select and buy services. There are several information regarding this such as market pace is open to New Zealand and overseas companies.  No existing contract is required by them with government to provide public cloud services.  There is one process i.e. on – boarding process which is followed by all suppliers and no guarantees of any business quantities or commitments are mentioned. Products  and services in which  a code like own the source code, in case it is open source and they are already licenced to use that particular source code or sometimes hold certain rights to market the proposed services are proposed by suppliers in New Zealand.

GCDO cloud risk assessment  is also  submitted by the company. Not only this, In march  market place also make minimum viable product (MVP) on the government ‘s tender site in which they provide invitation to 30 suppliers to participate in the beta testing phase to explain whether marketplace plays a vital role in the digital transformation of government ICT  procurement or not.   And the supplier who participated in the testing are basically from small or medium sized organization in New York and It is approx 90 percent said by Clare Curran, previous government digital services minister in august. Not only this, He also said that market place is designed according to procurement process easier for agency by the suppliers and the government. Every year government spends almost around three billion dollars on ICT . It will include all capital, and operation expenditure.  All whole area of digital procurement to drive digital transformation is taken her to create an open government.

At last, all the people of New Zealand want ICT community to grow , to contribute to economy  and provide better public services.

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