How to measure KPI for IT teams

The reason behind why a team fails to complete its duty is the lack of clear purpose and goals.

The  reason behind why a team fails to complete its duty  is the lack of clear purpose and goals. So precise metrics should be tracked by all niches and industries specially IT branch. So don’t here are the 12 ways by which you can measure KPI for IT teams.

1.Project Delivery Time: 

So it is very necessary to make a deal with your partners so that a project is able to complete in reasonable time period, you can say it should be in days, weeks, months etc.  To achieve success, you have to fulfill your duty promptly.

2. Quality Assurance: 

There are several projects which end up because of lack of quality. You can also say that quality assurance is considered as one of the safest factor because all the results are basically measure on the basis of quality.

3. Service Level Agreements:  

It is basically for end users given by service provider. It consists all the project related details.

4. Analyze agility: 

As KPI is not limited to the factors mentioned above but analyze agility also plays a great role. There are some projects which require frequent changes . So next question comes on your mind i.e. What to do on such situations? In that particular situation you have take decision on that basis that makes your deal makes or breaks.

5. Measuring Financial Results:

 If you have best IT experts then it is not difficult for you to have high quality project. So it is very important to highlight the importance of financial metrics.

6. Follow the budget: 

Avoid all the extra spending while implementation. With the help of this KPI, you will definitely ensure the quality performance also.

7. Chargeback:  

It is basically an accounting strategy which applies the costs of IT services, software or hardware.  The main aim of this KPI is to meet the real value of IT services by all the units within the company.

8. Application or service total cost: 

If you are looking for an in depth IT costs then this KPI is important.  As Big amount of money spends on different types of services such as software and hardware maintenance, data processing or security. By analyzing all these factors, you can able to eliminate relevant items and can reduce  certain costs.

9. Supplemental financial KPIs :

It comes under miscellaneous category because it consists all the financial parameters which are necessary   for measuring the performance of the team.

10. Measuring end users inputs:  

It includes two factors such as  Net Promoter Score and Service Desk Performance.

11. Measuring Employee Performance:  

It is measured on the basis of the engagement of employee on a particular project. There are many people think IT professionals do not communicate with end users but it is a myth.

12. Team Initiative: 

As success of the business is based on the fresh ideas and new initiatives which are taken to improve the growth of the business. So there are many people who judge IT professionals on that basis also.

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