How to fix Laptop touchpad if it not working


The pointing stick is considered as an alternative which is used to control the mouse on the laptop as everyone thinks the touchpad is an age-old feature.  It is necessary to have a spare mouse in case your touchpads stop working as your work might suffer from this several times. So are you looking for some tips to fix malfunctioning touchpad then you have landed on a right platform?

Here are the tips:

1.Trackpad disabled in BIOS or not:

Sometimes your laptop disabled in the motherboard BIOS. To fix this, enter BIOS and start pressing “Delete or F2 Key” as your laptop is booting.  The layout of the BIOS depends on the motherboards and your main focus should be to find an option called “Internal Pointing Device” and make it enabled.

2. Remove other mouse drivers: 

If you have more than one mouse into your laptop so removed them immediately.  This creates a chance where drivers are interfering with your touchpad. For that go to your device manager then click the arrow next to mice and other pointing devices and uninstall it one by one.

3. Update or roll back touchpad driver:

When you enter in your device manager then click right of your touchpad and make sure it is enabled or not.  There are several people who reported that touchpad is not working properly after getting windows 10 which also concluded that your W10 driver for your touchpad is misbehaving.  Click right of your touchpad then click properties and roll back the driver  to fix this problem.

4. Enable your touchpad in mouse properties:

There are several cases where enabling and disabling of your touchpad is not handled by the device manager. If your touchpad disabled due to some reason then it is necessary to go to your windows mouse properties and re-enable it.

5. Disable Tablet PC Input Service:

There is a possibility that stylus functionality is controlled by the Tablet PC Input service. In case you don’t use the stylus then there is no big loss of disabling it. But if you are using it then you have to go through this inconvenience of toggling everyone when you touch your touchpad.

All the factors mentioned above help you in fixing your Laptop touchpad problem in case it is not working properly. 

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