How to Earn Money through Blogging

Earn Money through Blogging

As there are lots articles written on the internet regarding how to earn money through blogging.  In case you are a beginner then you have landed on a right platform. Check out step by step guide for beginner who wants  to earn money through blogging. Adsense wil help in earning money from these blogging sites. As number of visitors who visit your site increases, your earning will also increases.

1.Create a Website:  

First step is to create your website and target your audience according to your website niche.  In other way, you can say you need large audience to visit your website if you really want to earn money from your blogging site.

2. Add Content: 

Content is considered as a king according to the Google.  It is very important to improve your content writing skill if you really want to engage audience on your website.  Make sure your content provides more information or should be more relevant to the reader than any other post publish on different site for that same topic.

3. Increase Traffic: 

Adding keyword to your blog helps you in bringing more traffic on your website.  Keyword is basically phrases of words used by the people to search on search query.  It will definitely bring relevant traffic and huge number of visitors to your site.

4. Social Media:

There are various social media sites such Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat etc.  Now d days people mostly spend their free time on social media sites. You can even different groups in order to target huge audience.

5. Affiliate Marketing:  

You can even try affiliate marketing by adding products of different sites on your site. In case some one will buy that particular product from your site, you will get commission on that basis.

6. Video Marketing: 

As people love to see video instead of reading text. Create attractive videos to engage visitors on you site. As attractive videos attracts more people.  You can even try Infographics. These are basically written text on images. 

I know it is very to earn money through blogging for some people who don’t have proper knowledge of it. These steps mentioned above will definitely help you in earning good amount of money.  Aware people about your blogging website as much as you can. All the best! 

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