How the apple watch changed the world


There is a sad truth that the Swiss watch was dead and apple pulled the trigger and this belief was made by Apple’s Jony lve and he was the one who repeatedly said to the media about the death knell for the watch industry.  What do you think about what Jony lve said is right now i.e. three or four years later  Apple watches was actually invented. Did these watches make any change to the world? And one of the most important question did Switzerland survive? Because all statements were made in Switzerland.

Yes, one thing you can’t that Swiss watch industry is still standing.  LVMH, Richemont  ( Swiss house) and Swatch group  are seeing major uptick in sales especially in the countries of U.S.  According to the report of Federation of the Swiss watch industry , every year sale rises about 5.5 year and this increased sale make a trend this year. One thing that you should all notice that all of  his sales contacts are seeing increased sales in $3,000.  Not only this, several report says luxury watches are growing more as compared to the low-cost fashion watch but the question is why it is growing?

At the end of the year, we saw very strongly that number is growing rapidly and it continued every coming month said by the Nick Hayek – The CEO of swatch group to CNBC.  In short, you can say that the industry is back from all-time low after the recession. After doing so much watch research every one comes to the conclusion that apple watches have created a great impact on the people.  The attitude of the people has changes once they bought an apple watch and wore it  with leather bands, fancy Milanese loops and out-fit matching colors.  Why not to buy these watches if wearing these watches are so much fun.

For many people, it is like vinyl, a new group of obsessives is taking up the collector’s mantle after discovering these watches. It is also considered as a drug to most of the people.  Not only in general life, but it also has a great impact on the school going students.  A twenty years old college going student said it consumed so much attention of other students. Initially, he used normal watches then he shifted to Nixon quartz fashion watches and happy to keep it for long.

Al the reviews are very positive about new apple watch and it is evidenced by companies like Montblanc  who sell capable and fashion forward smart watches  and no one will fall back into regular  watch wearing after trying these app watch said by Jony lve in Switzerland.  One of an entrepreneur said  “I bought the first generation apple watch and I am really loving wearing this watch. Watches are an acquired taste like craft beers. If you want to see more model, you can easily see it on the Pinterest as there are so many pictures about an Apple wrist watch.

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