Google is fixing a gender bias in its translate service

Google is fixing a gender bias in its translate service

Everyone is waiting for this update and their wish finally comes true.  Now Google is fixing a gender bias in its translate service by assigning genders to different words and adjectives describing occupations.  Now it is good to have both feminine and masculine translations for gender-neutral words said by the company, Google.  For each query, there was only translation earlier no matter if the translation is either feminine and masculine. If we have to create one translation, it replicated gender biases. For example,  it should be masculine for words such as a handsome, doctor, etc. and feminine with words such as a beautiful, nurse, etc.

As Google Translate is a free machine translation service invented by Google to translate text in different hundred languages from one place to another. There are 5000 million people who are using Google translate. Several researches say that ninety-two percent of the translation comes from the countries of the United States in which Brazil topping the list.

Not only this, but it is also used to translate languages also such as English to French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish etc. For example, if you translate gender-neutral language like Turkish, you will find out two results.  You can also claim the company on the basis of Google Translate in case you want.  The search giant says that there are working on this new feature Google Translate to translate IOS and Android apps soon. Nowadays, Google translate is very necessary to speak to the world.  You can easily connect with people, places, and culture without any distance and language barrier.

There is a blog written by the mountain view company which says that it is determined to remove gender bias from products and it is also necessary to improve auto-complete feature for search queries also.  But one of the drawbacks is that this auto complete suggestion is removed from the Gmail as it is limited to one gender only.

It is very good to see that companies are trying their best to remove gender bias on technology products. It is important to build technology to serve humanity only. These biases make a reflections of how these tools are used by the humans and experts have also warned that it can hardwire sexism in people. At last Just want to thank to the Google for fixing gender bias in its translate service.

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