Gmail App policy could enable its own Cambridge analytical scandal

Gmail App policy could enable its own Cambridge analytical scandal

As we all know every app request access to your Gmail account if we download it but one of the biggest mistakes about which we don’t care is that all the data present in your Gmail account including all the files has been analyzed by these apps. And all these apps share your personal data to the third parties which are not good. Google says “They are making sure that app will communicate what it has access to. “ But several experts say received emails, as well as sent emails, have been exposed by Gmail by giving app access.

For political advertising, there are several research parties use a third party app to collect information and then sold data to the company. Similarly, if we send email to Gmail users who already had given the app permission to information then the third party can easily see your emails. The security vulnerabilities are the main problem by the Gmail policy as it could open users up to. As a company shares more personal information then more information will be shared to the wrong hand. So it wants to get rid of this problem then use play store to download app means you download an app from the play store then chances of this problem may be low.

Specially on android, it is Google data collecting policy because of what all these problems rise. Because it allows a malicious app to gain access to Gmail. Sometimes this malware may edit, inject, upload information or may send spam emails on your behalf. Is n’t it strange? But Google tried to remove all these spammy apps from its store but there is still some malicious app found there. These spammy apps are having security risks. Their main focus is to use your information for advertising purpose. Thanks to the GDRP ( General Data Protection Regulation). It is invented in Europe. It helps to make people consent about giving data in terms and conditions. And Google now already told their users to get more active about security setting.

As many people give value to the ability to have ads served up that align with their individual needs. But at the same time, there other people who feel this is cheating to their privacy. It is an outdated and vulnerable approach to privacy. But Google in July 2017 has ended the practice of using the content of people’s emails for the ad and second it is the duty of the Google app developer policy to focus on both security and privacy. One of the top information security experts says these apps are designed to collect data which is not good… Those company who are making app should be building a more rigorous set of controls to prevent this problem that is growing these days. Similarly, Gmail developers should be transparent with how they use Gmail data. They should take some time to think about all these issues. Monitoring and transparency processes are necessary.

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