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Fruits and Vegetables important for physical and mental well being


Yes, it is true . Eating fruits and vegetables not only benefits our physical health but also psychological well – being. Several studies say that there is positive result comes out between the consumption of the quantity of fruits and vegetables and mental well – being of the people.  Not only this, if you eat just one extra portion of fruits and vegetables, it has an equivalent effect on your mental well-being.  

If you have any doubt then there is a accumulating evidence that fruits and vegetables benefits your psychological well –  being said by Dr Howley.  Inspite of this, there are vast majority of people in UK consumes less than their five-a-day. I know, dietary habits may not benefit to your physical health in the long run but it sometimes improve your mental well- being for a short period.  Yeah it is a point to consider that alone fruits and vegetables consumption cannot increased psychological well – being. You cannot rely only on fruits and vegetables. There are other factors too.  A person can eat a lot in a day, if you eats more fruits and vegetables then you might have less diet for unhealthy foods.

Now it is proved that people with higher level of  physical and mental well-being might eat more fruits and vegetables. It is also concluded that number of fruits and vegetables consumed in a day can tell you whether you are suffering with depression or anxiety or not but the vice-versa of this is not true.  For example, if you are suffering from depression doesn’t mean you are strong predictor of fruit and vegetable consumption two years later. 

Not only this, if you are in bad mood due to some reasons , fruits and vegetables play an important role in influencing your mood. So it is advised to eat more and more fruits and vegetables.  As it is very good for your health as proved above.  

I am not saying that fruits and vegetables act as a substitute for medical treatment. These are only to improve your mental health if you add it to your diet on a regular basis.  Young adults are also advised to eat two extra portions of fruits and vegetables a day for two weeks if they have any depressive symptoms, anxiety or mood.  You can have it as a salad with your meal. 

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