FB QVC? Facebook tries Live video shopping

FB QVC Facebook tries Live video shopping

Are you running your own home shopping network? If yes, you have landed on the right platform. A live video feature is now provide by Facebook for merchant so that they can easily make people aware about the products and the services they provide.  Not only this, it is beneficial to customers also as they can take screenshots of the product which they want to buy and send the screenshot to the seller .

It is confirmed by the Facebook as this new feature is testing in Thailand, one of the most active marketplace communities and this feature is first spotted by Jeff Higgins – social media and reputation manager.  Now customer can easily ask questions and get answers about specific product. Isn’t amazing?  There is a live shopping test which allows pages to notify fans that they can aware people about the product and can connect with customers.  Merchants can also take payments through messenger but Facebook tells us that it has no current plans to add new feature but some sellers without access are being invited to join a waitlist of the feature.

Through Messenger, Facebook can’t make payments directly but this feature of Facebook still help people to earn money to the company at a time when it’s seeking revenue streams beyond news feed ads where stories are depending on the top media form and user growth plateaus. One of the main point is  connecting more people on video (number of views on video) helps Facebook to shoe lucrative video ads.  Not only this, Facebook helps user to buy and sell things on the mobile app for running a successful business. For example, If conversion rate increases then it will be good for the user’s business and more he will be able to spend on ads.  Facebook also helps their users who broadcast a live video to promote their wares by buying a new market ad units.  Whether it    is long video viewing, job applications or shopping, Facebook is happy to take back any use case from the rest of internet.

There are several sites such as craigslist, etsy and ebay where the sight of Facebook is high but these platforms are not able to keep up with new technologies such as video . So Facebook provides a new way to user to promote information about their products through live video as Facebook is limited to adding generic description and uploading photo only earlier.

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