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Can these at home light treatments really fix your skin

Can these at home light treatments really fix your skin

Now a days, light treatment is becoming more popular days by days. There are many celebrities who post selfies with their LED light masks to avoid acne and to glow more on red carpet.  Because of social media, LED therapy becomes more popular. People LED therapy because it is very effective, non-invasive, painless etc.  It is invented by NASA in the 80s  and has been in clinical contexts for few days. Now people are using more as an at-home skin treatment.

Okay, The next question comes on your mind is what LED can do for your skin? Here is the answer. Different colours emitted by LED lights give various benefits such as reduce acne, prevent pigmentation, boost collagen etc. I know it doesn’t provide results overnight, you have to wait for a while if you really want your skin to glow more.  It is also considered as one of the next ingredient in skin care.

It is risky or not?

Don’t compare these LED light with the UV light emitted from screens. The wavelength of these LED light is longer around 5mm, stimulates cellular repair instead of damaging cells.  This treatment is safe and more effective for everyone if you are pregnant also. Always consult your medical specialist before using it in case you have any query.

The treatment of the LED light depends on the type of skin. You can also say that there is traffic light system depending on your particular skin goal.

Red:  Red LED light is used to enhance cell repair and to speed up the collagen synthesis.  It also acts as anti-inflammatory to calm redness, swelling and other side effects. This treatment is also beneficial from a health P.O.V.   As well as leaving your skin glowing the light also supports the natural production of vitamin D. Red LED light also helps you to improve your complexion.

Amber: It is an orange light which produces soothing effect on redness and rosacea.

Green:  If you see the LED light, most of the common colour, you will find are red and blue but green colour is also one of the important part of it.  It is used to even out your skintone.  It slows down the production of melanin so that as much pigmentation reaches the top layers of your skin.

Blue:  This light is best if you really want to say to your acne good bye.  It kills the P.acnes bacteria on the surface of skin which is mostly responsible for breakouts.  

If you want instant and more effect on your skin , you can combine all these colours for optimizing skin health across the board than LED light treatment in isolation. The combination of red and blue light produces the most successful outcomes said by several researches.

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