Belize: A country whose star continues to rise


There was a double – digit growth in tourist arrival in the tiny central American nation between 2017 and 2018 which means there profit will be increased up to 14.6t percent  by having total number of visitors to about 489,261 people. Isn’t an amazing?  Not only this, With 19.1 percent over 2017, cruise passenger had also increased last year up to more than 1.2 million.

Strategic marketing efforts help in this substantial jump which is made by Belize Tourism Brand in recent months and years. You can also say that it is a destination on the rise. 

Local hotel developers and the Belize tourism said during an interview with Travel Pulse “ The radar of travelers are getting far and wide because there are many factors that are favoring Belize right now.”

New direct flights into Placencia, one of the best Belize’s hottest new destination and an eco-tourism boom are included by new notable developments.  All these are partially but inspired by Sir Richard Branson who are now focusing on the topic of climate change of the Belize’s Great Blue Hole.

There is stress also at the same time to maintain the quaint and quirky charm which make this location more loved by those who visit the destination. Yes, it is developing day by day in a right manner and maintaining it whole cultural part said by the Robert van Eerde , The CEO of STEM hotel group.  It will going to become Tulum in up coming days.  Van Eerde and The STEM are new to the Belize group or you can say recently added. Van Eerde has done work all over the world , these hotelier focuses on true boutique offerings, a property whose portfolio have less than 150 rooms.

Now they have started on focusing on the Caribbean and Belize because they have a belief that Caribbean is a place where the most opportunity now lies and had shifted his attention away from various projects in Asia . Van Eerde also said that there is a huge market available in Caribbean and now a days country’s tourism is learning from various areas of Costa Rica and Mexico how successfully market they are offering. Not only this, Belize also has put so many money and efforts to upgrade infrastructure  of air ports, try to increase their capacity and standards.

As days are passing, it is becoming even more popular with increased number of travelers. It  has its own identity and it is also considered its best factor due to which rapid growth is taking place in Belize. It is also stated that if you really want to grow your business then you can get a real opportunity  to jump into Belize’s market and can make huge change.

The Belize Ocean Club is the first foray of Van Eerde which he took over on October 19. It is situated on the Maya beach. At last, you can say “ Belize : A country whose star continues to rise “

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