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Alcoholic and Non- Alcoholic beers: Here are the Difference


The basic difference between alcoholic and non – alcoholic is the amount of alcohol they contain. Nowadays, non-alcoholic drinks and beers are stocked by more bars, pubs and markets as non-alcoholic beers are extremely more beneficial to the health and it is a good step taken by the people to switch over non-alcohol or low – level alternatives. As we all know alcoholic beers have some alcohol content in them. The amount of alcohol present in these alcoholic drinks depend on the percentage of the entire drink. You can measure the amount of alcohol by its volume. For example, if beer has 5% ABV then it means it contains 5555% pure alcohol.

There are four types of drinks available in the market i.e. Alcohol – free, low- alcohol, de-alcoholized and alcoholic beer. Alcohol- free beers have little alcohol up to 0.005% ABV. Yeah both alcoholic and non- alcoholic beer tastes the same fundamentally but their brewing procedure is slightly extraordinary. With the passing days, Non- alcoholic beers turn out to be more famous and loved by the people.

Health Benefits of the Non- Alcoholic Beer:

If you drink less than 14 units a week then you are more safe and secure which is suggested by the low-risk drinking guidelines of UK chief medical officers’ (CMO). In case, you drink more than these guidelines mentioned above then you could be expanding your odds of developing long haul well-being conditions. Non- alcoholic beer decreases your health risk. So low alcohol drinks help you to abstain from drinking more than low-risk drinking guidelines and hence there is a less chance of harming you’re well being.

Non- Alcoholic Drinks contain less calories:

With the help of non – alcoholic beer, you can lessen your intake calories and can maintain your diet as these drinks have the tendency to have fewer calories as compared to the alcoholic beer. Hypoglycemia in other words low glucose can happen if over utilization of alcohol takes place which creates certain problems such as lightheadedness and general shortcoming which gives the sign of bad health. You will be less inclined to all these symptoms if you switch to the non –alcoholic drinks and you will become active more and can enjoy your life fully.

I know there are many people who are addicted to alcohol and can’t live without alcohol. And there are very amount of alcohol present in the non – alcoholic drinks which may cause issues for somebody with a dependency. So try to switch on non – alcoholic drinks and can join rehab centers as well to become alcoholic free at all.

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