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Alcohol and Depression raising your glass lowering your mood?

Alcohol and Depression raising your glass lowering your mood?

As we all know alcohol is bad for our mental health but sometimes it has a positive impact on our mood. In simple words, we can say that alcohol changes yourbrain chemistry. There are several chemicals and processes to which our brain rely on.  Alcohol acts as a depressant which means it affects our thoughts, feelings and actions. Sometimes it is very bad for our brain as it makes our neurotransmitters partly down that help to transmit signals from one nerve to another in the brain .

Have you ever wondered why you feel so relaxed when you have alcoholic drink . It is due to chemical changes that alcohol has affected your brain .  Due to which you will feel more confident and little anxious. But you drink on a regular basis then your brain starts affected.  You became more aggressive then youraggression becomes anxious and depressed.  You can also say that alcohol can actually increase anxiety and stress rather than reduce it.   The level of serotonin decreases when you drink on a regular basis.  In other countries like Britain, People who are suffering from anxiety or depression might suffer from more anxiety and depression.  You can also say that drinking may be a root cause of their anxieties.

Yes, heavily drinking also affects your partner, your family, friends etc. It also plays a vital role and has bad impact on the performance at the work.

Here are some warning signs that tell you about alcohol affecting your mood:

1.Improper sleep: You may face sleeping problems after drinking

2. Tiredness because of hangover

3. Low and sad mood

4. You will anxiety in such situation where you used to act normal or you are comfortable.

Now you are wondering how to prevent alcohol from affecting your mood. Check out:

1.Exercise: Nothing is better than doing exercise. It is very good to tackle stress.

2. Whenever you feel anxious, try to do breathing  techniques.

3. Try to talk with someone about your worries and problems

4. Make yourself aware about why you are drinking. Always try to tackle situations. Don’t exaggerate it.

Yes, Alcohol leads to suicide also or you can say that self-harm and psychosis.  After drinking, people start acting very impulsively. It also leads to actions that he or she might not have taken otherwise such as suicide or self – harm.  There are several reports which tell that half of the people ended their life in hospital because they tried to injure themselves when they are drunk.  It is found that 27 percent of men and 19 percent of women gave alcohol as the reason of the suicide or self-harm .

Do you know, it is very common for every heavy drinkers that they are suffering from anxiety and depression.  Extreme drinking means thirty units per day for several weeks can also cause psychosis.  You will face several illness where hallucinations and delusions of persecution develop.  So Say no to drinking if you want good health. 

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