A Fully Loaded iPad Pro will cost you $2,227


Do you know the largest and you can say the greatest iPad i.e 12.9  –  inch iPad Pro will cost every normal people up to $2,227 with its best configuration and basic accessories are the factors that make it worth having in the first place.  It is not my judgment and I am saying this statement by my own personal experiences that buying a tablet is more expensive.  There are various gadgets with their price mention below:

• iPad Pro base cost $999
• Upgrade from 64GB to 1TB storage: $750 (!)
• Cellular chip: $150
• New Apple Pencil: $129
• Smart Keyboard Folio: $199

For me, the base tablet is not bad as it looks like a fine device but at the same time, I personally wouldn’t buy it.  It is very amazing to see how the 12.9 – inch iPad Pro is considered as a great tool for various people who thought they can easily afford it but it is very expensive so iPad has proved itself to be at the very least competitive.

What do you prefer more a tablet computer or a computer tablet ? If you want to blur the line between these two terms then adding a keyboard is the best option.  All Microsoft devices are full blown computers which acts like a tablet and one main thing that strides over the last year is  the tiny sale of the Microsoft devices but if consider over apps and other features, you would love to buy it. The iPad tablets are considered as the one of the most professional tablet right now. If you want to add a keyboard to it then it will start to act like a laptop. Not only this, according to me window computers are better than these expensive iPad.

With the same price, you can buy other gadgets like Pro 6 with 16 gigs of RAM, a better processor and other basic things and if you looking as rate wise then it is better. Buy it if you think you would be getting much more value for your dollar. It is on you hand how to spend money .  I think according to you the last point would be arguable but I just want to honest with all you guys.  There is no reason to go with these companies .  Save money and utilize these money on some productive things.

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