90 million reasons to unsubscribe


Do you know what is subscribing? It means you would like to see more content from that particular channel.

As we know India is digitized now. Everything is on the internet. Youtube plays a vital role these days. If you want to share any information among various people then youtube is the best option. People will like and subscribe to your videos if the content or information you provide is liked by them or beneficial for them.

Not only youtube and website, but there are other mediums also i.e. email through which you can share information among the people is also using by most of the people and those subscribers are known as email subscribers. But sometimes things went wrong, people started unsubscribing you but why? Have you ever think about it? So let’s find out why people do this and how can improve our campaign.


Many studies say 64% of content is the reason. If the content is irrelevant or spammy. It would be considered as the primary reason for unsubscribing. As we all know content is the king. If your content is good. People would love to subscribe to you and follow you on a daily basis. So firstly make your sharing content relevant and it should be understood by everyone. If you want to increase your subscriber, add unique factors in your content what others can’t think.

Too frequent:

Sharing your information too frequently is also a negative point and frequently they (users) get the notification about your content which sometimes may irritate them and unsubscribes you. Because of this, every content is not read by the people. So avoid this factor to gain more subscriber.

Privacy: There are certain sites who are spammy and not safe for the users to open. So make sure that your site is user-friendly or not.

No sign-up option:

There are various sites who give sign up option means they can also share information if they want to. For example various article sites. They have both logins and sign up option where you can read information about things you want and can share as well. This may increase the number of visitors on your sharing content and your content may spread among a huge number of people. Isn’t interesting?

Duplicate content:

Copying content is common. Providing the same content again and again is making a reason for subscriber to unsubscribe. In this growing world, unique thing sell more. If your content is relevant, interesting and not shared by other people. More people visit and more chances of subscribing.

These are the five main reasons why people started unsubscribing you. Similarly, there are 90 million for the user to unsubscribe. Whatever content you are sharing, make sure it should be like they are waiting for your next and share it with others and would love to participate if they have any information. You can also use various social medium platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc to reach more people.

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