5 Reasons the Sales A- Player’s Era is Ending

Sales A- Player’s Era is Ending

As sales talent is divided into three categories i.e.  A- players, B -players, C- players. But nowadays people start looking for a more modern and sophisticated way to manage and implement their sales force.

A – players:  It is loved by everyone as it brings bacon to the home.
B – players:  They function as “A – players” with the right training and motivation.
C – players:  They just need to get up the nerve to let them go and don’t have the management.

Here are the five reasons why sales A- player’s era is ending

1.The simplicity of  A-B-C  method of sales people is breaking down with an advance of technology. It is always unfair to the A- players categings ory team. They are one who get president’s club, recognition in the company etc. But sometimes they have to face some demotivating things that other sales people ( B – players, C – players ) don’t face.  For example, if A – player is consistently performing well such as quota increases, accelerators are moved out but commission percentage shrinks. After consistently success, they are being punished. They are self motivated people and wants to be treated fairly.  They may have to huge number of hours to understand the right philosophy of  marketing departments confronting their own issues with lead generation.  In many cases, sales people are thrown alone in deep and expected them to survive even in the worst situation. If they are not able to survive then they are considered as C- players.

2.The average period of the salesperson is 18 months. It’s enough time to develop new skills.  In most of the sales organizations, “ Any new sales person who can’t develop sale skills quickly is more likely to be gone quickly”.  A-players are getting A’s because they have proper sales and support.  They might get  decent sales training to become productive. Depending only on A- players sometimes fail to bring enough revenue. It is necessary for all the three categories to work together to achieve success.  You need to focus that each player is contributing or not.

3.Not only this, if you according to the customer point of view, all three categories( A- players, B- players, C- players) are necessary to give the best buying experience to the customer.  A well going business should know how A – players use their talent and resources  and train others to deliver a same experience.

4.Conversion process has also changed, selling of the product doesn’t depend on a great talker or who communicates well.  Several studies say, customers do so much research on web while contacting a company. A buyer may talk to the several sales person over the course of the deal.  So not only A- players but it is necessary to equal importance to other categories also because they also plays a vital role in the conversion.  An average deal includes many decision makers and seller may call on resources from technical team to professional staff including any category of sales.  Be it A- players, B – players or C- players, you never no.

5.Sales person should be aware about  needs and requirement of the customer as customers are evolving now a days so role of the salesperson should also evolves.  Sometimes salesperson will make sure that they are devoting more time in learning or not.  Customer demands are increasing day by day.  A- players are spreading thinner and other two categories must step up in order to ensure great success.

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